The Frontiers of Engineering program brings together through 2-1/2 day meetings a select group of emerging engineering leaders from industry, academe, and government labs to discuss pioneering technical work and leading edge research in various engineering fields and industry sectors. The goal of the meetings is to introduce these outstanding engineers (ages 30-45) to each other, and through this interaction facilitate collaboration in engineering, the transfer of new techniques and approaches across fields, and establishment of contacts among the next generation of engineering leaders.


  • Mona Jarrahi
    Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
    University of California, Los Angeles

    I investigate new terahertz device concepts for use in medical imaging, stand-off chemical detection, biological analysis, non-destructive product quality control, and atmospheric studies.

    FOE was a great opportunity for me to meet bright researchers from diverse backgrounds, learn about the major challenges in their fields, and explore interdisciplinary solutions to address those challenges.

  • William Nothwang
    Team Leader, Sensors and BioInspired Control
    US Army Research Laboratory

    I research how to incorporate humans as privileged but noisy agents within a distributed network of noisy human + intelligent agents using computational and sensor systems.

    FOE allowed me to meet, interact with, and learn from peers in academia and industry, and perhaps most importantly, convey the caliber of research being conducted at ARL.

  • Corie Cobb
    Senior Research Scientist
    PARC, A Xerox Company

    My research focuses on the design and development of advanced manufacturing technologies for batteries, solar cell metallization, architected materials, and smart objects.

    The symposium provided a great opportunity to meet talented engineers and scientists from a broad range of fields, fostering potential for cross-disciplinary and industrial-academic collaborations. FOE gave me the chance to share my research with new colleagues and exposed me to leading-edge research in both different and complementary fields.

  • Dmitry Savransky
    Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Cornell University

    My research is on the control of optical systems, design and optimization of space missions, and advanced image data processing techniques.

    The FOE symposium provided me with an exceptional opportunity to share my work with some of the most talented engineers working in academia and industry and to learn about the amazing advances that are being made in a wide variety of engineering fields. The people I met, the quality of the presentations, and the discussions fostered by the symposium environment made this one of the most valuable meetings I have ever attended.

  • LaShanda Korley
    Associate Professor, Macromolecular Science and Engineering
    Case Western Reserve University

    My research focuses on a bio-inspired approach to new material development for applications in energy and sustainability, biomedicine, and protective fabrics, among others.

    FOE provided a distinctive forum to engage with trailblazers and emerging leaders in engineering from across the US. The diversity of thought, backgrounds, and scientific challenges was refreshing and inspiring, which enhanced my own research program. My network of collaborators and colleagues was also greatly enriched by my FOE experience. 

  • Patrick Norris
    Product and Technology Development Engineer
    W. L. Gore & Associates

    I research and develop the mechanical design of cardiovascular stent grafts and other implants for surgery.

    USFOE is a unique conference that enables innovation through collaboration in ways that other professional societies or industry meetings cannot. The FOE symposium intentionally collects the diversity of thought that often is missing in the simplest problem solving tasks. My attendance  has challenged me to seek this type of collaboration and look for solutions that are beyond my current scope of knowledge and ability.