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  • Smart Insulin Delivery
    Smart Insulin Delivery
    Mon, June 01, 2020
    UCLA's Zhen Gu (USFOE 2016) is engineering an insulin-delivery patch that could one day monitor and manage glucose levels in diabetics and deliver insulin.
  • Wear a Mask!
    Wear a Mask!
    Thu, May 14, 2020
    FOE alum John Zhai, a buildings systems engineer at the University of Colorado Boulder, discusses the importance of wearing masks with a proper fit to protect against COVID.
  • Reading Vital Signs Remotely
    Reading Vital Signs Remotely
    Thu, May 14, 2020
    Canan Dagdeviren (USFOE 2019) at MIT Media Lab Clothing is engineering fabric embedded with electronic sensors to monitor respiration and heart rate, which could enable doctors to monitor patients who remain at home or astronauts’ health while they are in space.
  • Multi-Application 3D Printed Corals
    Multi-Application 3D Printed Corals
    Mon, May 11, 2020
    Shaochen Chen (CAFOE 2015) at the University of California San Diego is engineering 3D-printed coral-inspired structures that could improve biofuel production, as well as techniques to repair and restore coral reefs.
  • Misinformation Pandemic
    Misinformation Pandemic
    Thu, May 07, 2020
    Kate Starbird (USFOE 2013) at the University of Washington is examining how misinformation is spreading during the pandemic and how scientific expertise factors into public perceptions.
  • No Quick Fix for Pandemic
    No Quick Fix for Pandemic
    Mon, May 04, 2020
    Northeastern University's Alessandro Vespignani (USFOE 2005) notes the need to build a system that controls the spread of the virus beyond social distancing measures.
  • Better COVID Testing
    Better COVID Testing
    Thu, April 30, 2020
    FOE alum Renee Wegrzyn at DARPA is engineering testing solutions that are more sensitive, less expensive, require smaller patient samples, and could be developed by late summer.
  • Engineering More Virus Testing
    Engineering More Virus Testing
    Mon, April 27, 2020
    FOE alum Catherine Klapperich at Boston University points out that the ‘gold-standard testing platform’ for viruses requires a very clean lab, adding to the turnaround time for results.
  • Making a Ventilator from Devices on Hand
    Making a Ventilator from Devices on Hand
    Thu, April 23, 2020
    Georgia Tech's Devesh Ranjan (USFOE 2016) is engineering an innovative ventilator prototype that adapts bag-valve-mask (BVM) resuscitators already in place in hospitals and ambulances and could save lives as COVID-19 hits developing countries in Asia and Africa.
  • 3D-Printing A Ventilator Splitter
    3D-Printing A Ventilator Splitter
    Fri, April 17, 2020
    FOE alum Sung Hoon Kang at Johns Hopkins University is engineering a 3D-printed splitter that will allow a single ventilator to treat multiple critically ill COVID-19 patients.
  • Donate Sleep Apnea Machines To Be Ventilators
    Donate Sleep Apnea Machines To Be Ventilators
    Thu, April 16, 2020
    Grace O’Connell (USFOE 2015) at the University of California, Berkeley is engineering a way to convert sleep apnea machines to be used as a viable solution for non-ICU patients, reserving higher-grade ventilators for patients with more advanced stages of respiratory disease.
  • Using Ovens to Decontaminate Face Masks
    Using Ovens to Decontaminate Face Masks
    Thu, April 09, 2020
    Stanford University's Yi Cui (CAFOE 2017) may have found a way to use heat to disinfect N95 respirators, potentially enabling reuse of the single-use masks that are running dangerously low nationwide as the number of COVID-19 cases in the US continues to grow.
  • Robots That Can Sweat to Lower Temperature
    Robots That Can Sweat to Lower Temperature
    Thu, April 02, 2020
    FOE alum Robert Shepherd at Cornell University has engineered the first soft robotic muscle that can internally cool robot components (hands) using liquids, as opposed to bulky fans with motors.
  • Engineering for COVID-19
    Engineering for COVID-19
    Mon, March 30, 2020
    FOE alumni Sam Graham and Devesh Ranjan at Georgia Tech are engineering medical device and protective gear solutions to address the COVID-19 crisis.