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  • Advancing Education in Africa
    Advancing Education in Africa
    Mon, July 08, 2024
    Engineer Sossina Haile (CAFOE 2009) at Northwestern University has served on the board of Ethiopia Education Initiatives, a US not-for-profit organization that just graduated its first class of talented Ethiopian critical thinkers and enterprising young problem-solvers.
  • AI-enabled Forecasting of Measles Outbreaks
    AI-enabled Forecasting of Measles Outbreaks
    Mon, July 01, 2024
    Alessandro Vespignani (USFOE 2005) at Northeastern University is engineering an open-access, AI-enabled measles forecasting model to empower proactive public health measures, such as immunization campaigns and decision-making for timely interventions.
  • New Imaging Tool Advances Study of Lipid Biology
    New Imaging Tool Advances Study of Lipid Biology
    Mon, June 24, 2024
    Lingyan Shi (CAFOE 2024) at the University of California, San Diego is engineering a platform that could profoundly deepen researchers’ ability to understand the roles that different lipid subtypes are playing in health, aging, and various diseases.
  • Tackling Cancer at the Nanoscale
    Tackling Cancer at the Nanoscale
    Thu, June 13, 2024
    FOE alum and NAE member Paula Hammond at MIT is engineering thin film nanoparticles that can be used to promote bone growth in an application that could help people born with congenital bone defects or people who experience traumatic injuries, as well as cancer drug delivery.
  • Learning Differences
    Learning Differences
    Mon, June 10, 2024
    Engineer Jeff Karp (USFOE 2007) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital invites readers to join him and Nobel laureates, Olympic medalists, social justice leaders, and 40 others to seek out meaningful change surrounding undiagnosed ADHD and learning differences.
  • Smart Swarms of Tiny Robots
    Smart Swarms of Tiny Robots
    Thu, June 06, 2024
    Yuebing Zheng (GAFOE 2021) at the University of Texas at Austin is engineering microscopic robots that can act as one coordinated group, performing tasks better than they would if they were moving as individuals or at random. Possible applications include transportation and medicine.
  • New Treatments for Arthritis
    New Treatments for Arthritis
    Mon, June 03, 2024
    NAE member Farshid Guilak (USFOE 1997) at Washington University in St. Louis is teaming up with experts in nanomedicine, genetics, biomedical engineering, and circadian biology to engineer advanced nanoparticles that could treat osteoarthritis with a single, yearly joint injection.
  • NSF Recognizes FOE Alumni
    NSF Recognizes FOE Alumni
    Thu, May 23, 2024
    Congratulations to FOE alumni Muyinatu Bell at Johns Hopkins and Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio at Yale for receiving NSF’s 2024 Alan T. Waterman award for their innovative approaches and leadership and for pushing the boundaries of biomedical engineering and robotics in novel ways.
  • Chameleon-inspired 3D Printing
    Chameleon-inspired 3D Printing
    Mon, May 20, 2024
    Ying Diao (USFOE 2017) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is engineering a process to control the color of 3D-printed material and achieve a wide range of colors using just one type of ink, possibly with important applications in fields such as art, design, and manufacturing.
  • Injectable Hydrogel for the Heart
    Injectable Hydrogel for the Heart
    Thu, May 16, 2024
    FOE alum Karen Christman at the University of California, San Diego is engineering a biomaterial that mitigates damage to the right ventricle of the heart, improving function and allowing it to tolerate increased blood pressure and volume and hopefully delaying need for transplant.
  • Speaking Without Vocal Cords
    Speaking Without Vocal Cords
    Mon, May 13, 2024
    UCLA’s Jun Chen (USFOE 2022) has engineered a soft, thin, stretchy device measuring just over a square inch that can be attached to the skin outside the throat to help people with dysfunctional vocal cords regain their voice function.
  • Next-generation Solar Cells
    Next-generation Solar Cells
    Mon, May 06, 2024
    Michael McGehee (USFOE 2005) at the University of Colorado Boulder is engineering an innovative method to manufacture new solar cells using perovskite, a synthetic semiconducting material with the potential to convert substantially more solar power than silicon at a lower production cost.
  • Wildfire Mitigation as a Community
    Wildfire Mitigation as a Community
    Mon, April 29, 2024
    Engineer and FOE alum Hussam Mahmoud at Colorado State University discusses how community-wide wildfire mitigation using computer models that can capture the transfer of heat and how it interacts with vegetation and buildings increases the effectiveness of hardening solutions.
  • Mechanisms of Landslides and Earthquakes
    Mechanisms of Landslides and Earthquakes
    Thu, April 25, 2024
    MIT’s Ruben Juanes (USFOE 2006) has engineered detailed 3D experiments that reveal how forces are transmitted through granular materials and how the shapes of the grains can dramatically change the outcomes, which may lead to better understanding of landslides as well as industrial processes.
  • Inspiration from a Backyard Insect
    Inspiration from a Backyard Insect
    Mon, April 22, 2024
    Engineer Tak-Sing Wong (USFOE 2014) at Penn State is getting inspiration and instructions for next-generation technology from leafhoppers, which could lead to bioinspired optical materials with applications ranging from invisible cloaking devices to coatings to more efficiently harvest solar energy.