2006 German-American Frontiers of Engineering Symposium


The 2006 German-American Frontiers of Engineering symposium was held May 4-6, 2006, in Murray Hill, New Jersey. GAFOE aimed to bring together outstanding, early-career German and American engineers from industry, universities, and other research institutions to introduce their areas of engineering research and technical work, thereby facilitating an interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge and methodology that could eventually lead to collaborative networks of engineers from the two countries.

Elsa Reichmanis, Director, Materials Research Department, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technology
Theodor Doll, Professor of Microstructure Physics and Research Director, Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH, University of Mainz

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Managing Technological Risk
Organizers: Scott Ferson, Applied Biomathematics, and Kristina Sinemus, Genius Biotechnologie GmbH

The Benefits and Risks of Increased Autonomy in Air and Space Systems
Ella M. Atkins, University of Maryland, College Park

Risk Management of Genetically Modified Plants
Ralph Bock, Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie

From a Simple Scribble to Economic Success: Managing Risk in the Entire Value Chain
Bernd Montag, Computed Tomography Division, Siemens

Accounting for Technological Risk during Systems Designs
Chris Paredis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Security and Privacy Implications of Connected Products
Organizers: Leendert van Doorn, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, and Claudia Eckert, Darmstadt University of Technology

Trusted Computing --- Problems, Promises, Concepts, and Practical Realities
Carlos Rozas, Senior Security Researcher, Intel

Towards Engineerable Assurance
Jonathan S. Shapiro, Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

Challenges and Approaches for Privacy in a World of Ubiquitous Communication and Computing
Ralf Ackerman, Darmstadt University of Technology

Systems Applications Products in Data Processing
Markus Schumacher, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology

Emerging Applications of Nanotechnologies
Organizers: Andrew Hunt, nGimat Company, and Peter Fallböhmer, BMW AG

The Promise of Nanotechnolgy - Science gets into Business
Andreas Gutsch, Degussa AG

Nanoscience of Three-Dimensional Photonic Bandgap Materials: Fundamentals, Applications, and Future Possibilities
Paul Braun, University of Illinois-UC

Naturally Occuring Nanomaterials
Sarah Cooper, NaturalNano, Inc.

Nanotechnology in Cardiovascular Medicine
Jan Gummert, University of Jena

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Organizers: James Maher, Technip Offshore, Inc. and Sven Hoog, IMPaC Offshore Engineering GmbH

Reservoir Imaging in Exploration and Exploitation
Jorge Lopez, Shell R&D Lab

Use of Modeling in Petroleum Reservoir Development and Production Enhancement
Karen Hagedorn, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

The Effects of Strakes and Oil Leakage on Riser VIV: A Numerical Study
Detlef Schulze, University for Applied Sciences, Hamburg

Offshore and SUbsea Multiphase Pumping
Axel Jaschke, Joh. Heinr. Bornemann GmbH.


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