2005 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

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The 2005 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering symposium was held November 3-5, 2005 in San Jose, California. JAFOE aims to bring together outstanding, early-career Japanese and American Engineers from industry, universities, and other research institutions to introduce their areas of engineering research and technical work, thereby facilitating an interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge and methodology that could eventually lead to collaborative networks of engineers from the two countries.

James Fujimoto, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kazuhiro Sakurada, Nihon Schering K.K.

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Humanoid Robots
Organizers: Cynthia Breazeal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Satoshi Iwaki, NTT Corp.

Autonomous and Interactive Behaviors of Humanoid Robots
Satoshi Kagami, AIST

Computational Motor Control for Humans and Humanoids
Stefan Schaal, Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California

Learning the Foundations for Humanoid Autonomy
Chad Jenkins, Computer Science, Brown University

QRIO: A Small Bipedal Entertainment Robot
Kenichiro Nagasaka, SONY

Pure Water Technologies
Organizers: Shinjiro Kanae, University of Tokyo, and Darren Lytle, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Management of Water Supply Systems in Asian Countries
Satoshi Takizawa, University of Tokyo

The First Space-borne Precipitation Radar
Shinta Seto, National Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Arsenic in Drinking Water
Paul Westerhoff, Department of Civil Engineering, Arizona State University

Semiconductor R&D
Organizers: Naohiko Irie, Hitachi Ltd., and Clement Wann, IBM Semiconductor R&D Center

Sustaining the Silicon Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities
Tsu-Jae King, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department, University of California-Berkeley

Data Storage - Hard Disk Drives vs. Semiconductors
Barry Stipe, Hitachi Global Storage Technology

On-Chip Measurement Technology for Further Miniaturization of CMOS Devices
Masayuki Mizuno, System Devices Research Labs, NEC Corporation.

Silicon Quantum Computer
Kohei Itoh, Department of Applied Physics, Keio University

Biotechnology: Detection and Destruction of Pathogens
Organizers: Noriko Osumi, Tohoku University, and Alan Russell, University of Pittsburgh

DNA Directed Formation of Nano-scale Wires and their Use in a DNA Identification System
Michael Connolly, Integrated Nano-Technologies

Molecular Toxicology of Low-Level Exposure to Chemical Nerve Agents
Jennifer Sekowski, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center

Prion Protein and Prion Diseases
Suehiro Sakaguchi, Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Application of a Novel Scientific Discovery to the Detection and Destruction of Pathogens
Naomi Hachiya, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry


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