2007 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium


The 2007 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering symposium was held November 5-7, 2007 in Palo Alto, California. JAFOE aims to bring together outstanding, early-career Japanese and American Engineers from industry, universities, and other research institutions to introduce their areas of engineering research and technical work, thereby facilitating an interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge and methodology that could eventually lead to collaborative networks of engineers from the two countries.

Glenn Frederickson, University of California, Santa Barbara
Kohei Itoh, Keio University

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This meeting was made possible through generous support from the National Science Foundation and HP Labs.


Human-Computer Interaction
Organizers: Daniel D. Lee, University of Pennsylvania, and Mihoko Otake, University of Tokyo

The Vocal Joystick: Voice-based Continuous Control of Electro-mechanical Devices
Jeff Bilmes, University of Washington

Design of Design
Ichiroh Kanaya, Osaka University

Computer Vision and Challenges of HCI
Yuri Ivanov, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

Technology Research for the Future Creation of Digital Media Art in Japan
Kumiko Kushiyama, PRESTO

Battery Technologies

Organizers: Yasuhiro Goto, Toshiba Corporation and Steven Visco, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & Polyplus Battery Company.

Challenges in Developing Next-Generation Battery Technology
Gerbrand Ceder, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

New Materials for Next-Generation Batteries
Clare Grey, Stony Brook University

Recent Development of New Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries and Their Reactions
Yoshiharu Uchimoto, Kyoto University


Organizers: Malissa Lightfoot, Air Force Research Lab, and Hitoto Habu, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Recent Achievements on Solid Propellant Science for Space Propulsion
Hiroshi Hasegawa, NOF Corporation

Simulation of Advanced Rockets
Yu Daimon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Commercial Space -- Against the Odds?
Hans Koenigsmann, SpaceX

Next Generation Data Centers

Organizer: Cullen Bash, HP Labs

Recent Advancements in the Enviornmental Control of Data Centers
Cullen Bash, HP Labs

Autonomic Control for Data Centers and the Validation of Management Policies
Satoshi Tsuchiya, Fujitsu Laboratories

Materials for Medicine

Organizers: Sujata Bhatia, Dupont Experimental Station, and Shinobu Suzuki, Nihon Schering K.K.

DNA as Material for Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
Ryu-ichi Morishita, Osaka University and AnGes MG, Inc.

Nanotechnology-Based Cell Sheet Engineering for Regenerative Medicine
Masayuki Yamato, Tokyo Women's Medical University

Tissue-Engineered Cartilage - A Perspective on Translating Research to Patients and the Marketplace
Jennifer Elisseeff, Johns Hopkins University and CARTILIX

Advances in Human Tissue Engineering
Laura Niklason, Yale University

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