Sara Tucker
Sara Tucker
LiDAR Staff Consultant, Ball Aerospace

My research focuses on the development and testing of laser remote sensing instrumentation that measures wind profiles from ground, aircraft, and eventually space platforms to provide the weather prediction community with data that improves forecast accuracy.

Working in electrical engineering and LiDAR, I had never had the opportunity to interface with so many outstanding and impressive researchers who also happen to be women, which provided a sense of belonging in our “class” that was 45% women. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in FOE, which provided an excellent opportunity to step outside the world of my tightly-focused research topic and learn about what first seemed like entirely different technical topics. While the other challenges and solutions had differences from a purely technical perspective, the engineering approach was similar, and the opportunity to see that approach applied to other fields, often with impressive creativity, seeded more creativity and curiosity in my own research.  

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