2019 German-American Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Travel Information for US Speakers and Organizers

Thank you for agreeing to serve as an organizer or speaker for the 2019 GAFOE Symposium. Speakers and organizers representing Germany should contact AvH if you have questions about travel arrangements, as all information below is for US speakers and organizers.


  • All international travel must be booked through our travel agency, Kentlands Travel, 1-800-552-6425, nas@uniglobekentlands.com
  • Provide the agent with the travel code: NAE190010
  • The agency will ensure your itinerary complies with all federal regulations and Academies travel policies and procedures, full recoverability from the sponsor, and full reimbursement to you.
  • Air booked through our travel agency will be direct billed to the Academies.
  • We can cover coach-class airfare of US organizing committee members and speakers.
    • Based on a 21-day advance purchase.
    • We see roundtrip fares around $1800 or less, depending on originating city.
    • Roundtrip ticket between your home city and Hamburg Airport (HAM).
  • Please book your flights as soon as possible to get the best fares.
  • You will need to depart the US on Tuesday, March 19 in order to arrive in Hamburg in time to attend the full meeting.
  • Taking departing flights before 3pm on March 23 is discouraged, as participants are required to stay until the symposium ends at 12noon.
  • If you are combining travel for Academies business with other travel (either personal or non-Academies business), the Academies will reimburse you for the constructive cost on the itinerary – the lowest reasonable roundtrip economy fare from your permanent place of residence or business to the meeting location.
  • *Changes in Travel Plans* Please contact Sherri Hunter and the travel agency as soon as you know you need to change or cancel your itinerary. Itinerary changes must be reviewed and appropriately documented by the travel coordinator to ensure reimbursement from the sponsor.
  • You will be responsible for any change fees and additional fare costs due to changes or oversights in your schedule.
  • Tickets that are direct-billed to NAE must be reimbursed if you cancel your attendance. After the reimbursement process is complete, you will be able to use the credit for future travel, minus the change fee.


  • Your room during the meeting except for incidentals will be direct-billed to AvH according to the request you provided AvH.

Ground Transportation

  • Because NAE is a nonprofit organization, please consider cost when choosing ground transportation.
  • We can reimburse for Uber or Lyft only up to the comparable cab fare. We encourage the use of taxis, ride sharing (Uber/Lyft), airport shuttles, or public transportation to and from the airport or train station whenever possible.
  • Sedan service and rental cars are not reimbursable.
  • Rail Travel: We are not able to reimburse the cost of Acela train service, as it is a premium class. You may book coach class rail service through our travel agency.  
  • Personal Vehicle: Personal vehicle use will be reimbursed at $0.545/mile. Remember to record your total mileage.

Other Expenses

  • FOE staff will send you reimbursement instructions after the symposium.
  • You must submit a travel expense report within 30 days following travel.
  • Itemized receipts are required since we reimburse actual expenses only.
  • The following are not reimbursable:
    • Meals taken elsewhere during the symposium, where meals are provided
    • Alcohol expenses
    • Internet expenses
    • Bag check fees
  • Meals taken enroute to the meeting are reimbursable up to per diem rate.
  • Other reimbursable, non-incidental travel expenses include: 
    • ​Airport parking
    • Tips
    • Tolls