2019 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Breakout Sessions

Wednesday Meet and Connect

We have scheduled time on Wednesday afternoon to facilitate networking among attendees, since creating opportunities for interaction is such an important component of the Frontiers of Engineering meetings.

  • At the symposium, we will assign you to a group of 12-13 attendees, with organizers serving as chairs of the sessions.
  • Each attendee will get three minutes - one minute to describe their slide and two minutes to answer follow-up questions. 
  • Any remaining time after everyone has presented will be opened up for discussion. 
  • Please submit a slide which describes or captures the essence of the research or technical work you do by Tuesday, August 27.
    • Text, e.g., bullet points or a paragraph, and/or a picture or figure. 
    • Be creative! 
    • With your permission, we will post your PPTs after the symposium on the website.

Meet and Connect Groups

Breakout slides are posted below.

Last Names A-D
Last Names E-L
Last Names M-S
Last Names T-Z