Teejay Momoh
Teejay Momoh
Global Systems Engineering Solutions Architect, Cummins

My work focuses on deploying a single enterprise-wide product data management solution and integrated product data ecosystem.

My experience with FOE was surreally eye opening and mentally stimulating. Being selected as one of 100 emerging leaders in the US was not a recognition I ever imagined. It provided me an opportunity to feel good about the work I spend so much time doing at Cummins, allowed me to have amazing conversations about it with phenomenal individuals who I do not believe I would have ever have met, and in turn, allowed me build a new quality network of people. Lastly, attending FOE was like pulling the curtain back and getting a glimpse at innovation beyond my imagination in all kinds of fields by individuals all over the country, quickly challenging my bubble of reality for the better. I left truly satisfied and energized to take on even more difficult problems in the world.

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