2022 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Poster Sessions

Each attendee, including speakers and organizers, should prepare a poster to share information about their work during the poster sessions on Thursday, October 20. Please create both:
1) a poster slide to use during the flash poster session, and
2) a physical poster for the poster session.
  • Please prepare a “flash talk” for your poster presentation, a very brief “teaser” presentation of no more than one minute to give an overview of your poster to all participants so they can identify topics that interest them. 
  • All slides will be loaded onto a/v equipment prior to the symposium to facilitate going through all the slides quickly (in a “flash”). 
  • Please keep the file size as small as possible. 
  • Be sure to include your name in the text of the slide itself so attendees can make a note of the poster that they absolutely must visit! 
  • Best Practice: Keep it simple! If text is too small and the slide is too crowded, it is very hard to see and read onscreen. See this example poster slide.
Poster Session
  • You can present a poster that you have presented at another venue – you do not have to make a new poster.
  • This is when you will have ample time for individual discussion, as well as during breaks over the course of the symposium.
  • Maximum size is 49in. tall x 35in. wide (125cm x 90cm).
  • You will affix your printed poster with tape which will be provided. 
  • During the poster session, you will stand by your poster so others can stop by and talk to you about it. 
  • Please bring your printed poster with you to the meeting. 
  • Unfortunately, NAE does not have funding available to cover the cost of poster production. If this is a factor, the information can be presented on individual sheets of paper.