Ronke Olabisi
Ronke Olabisi
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Irvine

We use tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies to repair or build tissues damaged by injury, disease, aging, or spaceflight. We combine synthetic and biological materials to create new biomaterials; for instance, ancient Mayan seashell dentistry has inspired our seashell-biomaterial that controls bone formation. 


As researchers, we tend to stay within our fields. The conferences I go to reveal the exciting research that is relevant to my work. At these conferences, we also further segregate into tracks and rarely diverge. At FOE, this is not possible. I was exposed to a broad range of exciting research, much of it completely unrelated to my field, and it has inspired new ideas, avenues of research, and collaborations that I otherwise would never have entered. FOE stirs the pot in a way that other conferences do not, and the flavors it brings out benefit us all.

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