2009 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

2009 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium Program

Arup K. Chakraborty, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ichiroh Kanaya, TEDxKyoto
November 9, 2009 – November 11, 2009
12:00 AM
Breakthrough Technologies in Brain Science
Tamami Fukushi, Researcher, Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society, Japan Science and Technology Agency
Dr. Warren M Grill, Addy Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Neurobiology, Duke University
Optogenetic Interfaces for Recording and Stimulation of the Nervous System
Karl Deisseroth, Stanford University
Dr. Karl Deisseroth, D. H. Chen Professor of Bioengineering and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University and Howard Hughes Institute
Signal Detection and Processing: Recent Advancement of High-Tech Electrodes using LSI Chips that are Vertically Stacked and Electrically Connected
Tetsu Tanaka, Tohoku University
Tetsu Tanaka, Professor, Tohoku University
Exogenous Control of Neuronal Inhibition to Decipher the Role of Neural Populations in Disease
Joanna Jankowsky, Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Joanna L Jankowsky, Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Social Brain Science: New Insight of Neural Population Activity Explained by Next-Generation Brain-Machine Interface
Naotaka Fujii, RIKEN
Naotaka Fujii, Lab Head, Brain Science Institute
November 9, 2009
12:00 AM
Novel Materials for Industrial Applications
Dr. Mano Manoharan, Chief Technologist, GE Aviation
Hideyuki Murakami, Chief Researcher, Coating Materials Group, National Institute for Materials Science
Development of Self-Oscillating Gels for Artificial Organs
Ryo Yoshida, The University of Tokyo
Ryo Yoshida, Associate Professor, University of Tokyo
Development of Superelastic "Gum Metal" and its Industrial Application
Shigeru Kuramoto, Toyota Central Research Lab
Shigeru Kuramoto, Senior Researcher, Frontier Research Center
Chemistry-Directed Scalable Nanostructure Synthesis, Assembly and Interfacial Engineering for Emerging Applications
G. Ramanath, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Dr. Ganpati Ramanath, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Director, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Materials for Aviation Applications
Deborah Whitis, GE Aviation
12:00 AM
State-of-the-art Technologies for Knowledge Management
Hideki Mima, Associate Professor, Center for Knowledge Structuring, School of Engineering
Dr. Jeff Heflin, Associate Professor, Lehigh University
Large-Scale Knowledge Extraction Based on Wikipedia Mining
Kotaro Nakayama, Center for Knowledge Structuring, University of Tokyo
Kotaro Nakayama, Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
Large-Scale Cross-Domain Information Retrieval and its Visualization for Next Generation Knowledge Management and Sharing
Yoshinori Takenami, Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Yoshinori Takenami, Chief Manager, Business Solution Division
Large Knowledge-based Systems, Semantic Web
Mark Greaves, Vulcan, Inc.
Dr. Mark Greaves, Executive Director, AI2050 Initiative, Schmidt Futures
Cyber-infrastructure for Scientific Workflows, Provenance, and Trust Management
Paulo Pinheiro da Silva, University of Texas at El Paso
Dr. Paulo Pinheiro da Silva, University of Texas at El Paso
November 9, 2009 – November 11, 2009
12:00 AM
Modeling Global Climate Change
Junichi Fujino, Senior Researcher, National Insitute for Environmental Studies
Impacts of Aerosols on the Climate System and the Challenge of Modeling Aerosols and their Interactions with Clouds in Earth System Models
Athanasios Nenes, Georgia Institute of Technology
Athanasios Nenes, Associate Professor & First Blanchard-Milliken Young Faculty Chair, Georgia Institute of Technology
Challenge of Integrated Assessment Modeling and Relevance to Economic and Climate Policy
Geoffrey Blanford, Electric Power Research Institute
Geoffrey Blanford, Program Manager, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Challenge of Modeling Tropical Convection and Clouds in Very High Resolution Models and Implications for Climate Prediction
Hiroaki Miura, Frontier Research Center for Global Change
Hiroaki Miura, Visiting Researcher/Visiting Scientist, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Challenge in Modeling Water Resources Changes in Response to Climate Variability and Change and Human Influence
Taikan Oki, University of Tokyo