Mengsu Hu
Mengsu Hu
Earth Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

My research focuses on developing and applying novel numerical approaches and software to advance predictive understanding of fundamental earth sciences and to achieve adaptive control of energy recovery and storage in subsurface systems.

It was an honor to be selected to participate in the US FOE in 2022 from a DOE national Lab. It appears that I was the only symposium participant selected from the field of earth sciences in the 2022 US FOE. I am happy to represent the important role of the earth sciences in engineering in the FOE system. Attending FOE was truly inspiring as I learned that the Frontiers of Engineering are at the intersection of natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences. I am constantly inspired by learning about the achievements of the alumni of FOE. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to collaborate with other FOE symposium participants to push the frontiers of engineering to advance new scientific discoveries and technologies via interdisciplinary to transdisciplinary studies.

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