2011 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

U.S. Speaker and Organizer Information

Information for US Speakers and Organizers

Thank you for agreeing to serve as an organizer or speaker for the 2011 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.
Presentations and Copyright
We would like to post abstracts and presentations online so that attendees can reference them and share them with colleagues. Please complete and return the forms below when you submit your session abstract no later than May 1, 2011.
US Copyright form

US Copyright form for government employees

Travel Regulations and Reimbursement
The Frontiers of Engineering is funded through government grants and therefore must follow federal travel regulations. Please read the information below as well as our travel policies carefully to ensure all travel meets these guidelines.

NAE has funding available to cover coach-class airfare of organizing committee members and speakers based on a 21-day advance purchase. Typically, these round-trip fares are around $2,000 or less. Please book your flights as soon as possible. Note that we will reimburse only for a round-trip coach class ticket between your home city and Kansai International Airport during the official meeting dates. You must use our travel agency, Executive Travel Associates (ETA). They are familiar with Academy travel rules associated with international travel and are able to directly bill your ticket to the NAE. They are also working with us to keep travel costs down. Contact ETA at nas@exectravel.com or 1.800.660.0031 to book your ticket and reference travel code NAE110028. If your trip will incorporate travel to another city for other business or travel outside the immediate meeting dates, please contact Elizabeth Weitzmann (eweitzmann@nae.edu) prior to booking your flight. 

Your room during the course of the meeting, except for incidentals, will be direct-billed to our hosts beginning with check-in on June 5 and check-out on June 9. Please complete the travel form by April 22, 2011. Additional nights are the responsibility of the participant and are not reimbursible.

Additional Expenses:
The meals and incidental per diem rate to be determined once location has been selected. However, meals are provided during the symposium; therefore, meals taken elsewhere during the course of the symposium are not reimbursable. Meals taken enroute to the meeting site, however, are reimbursable. Other reimbursable non-incidental, travel expenses include: usage of privately owned vehicles (51¢ per mile); ground transportation to or from your home airport; airport parking; tips; tolls.

You will be required to submit an electronic travel expense report (eTER) within 30 days after the meeting to be reimbursed for any travel-related expenses. Please retain receipts for all expenses that you wish to have reimbursed since we reimburse actual expenses only.
Contact Elizabeth Weitzmann for further detailed, individualized eTER instructions once travel has been completed.