2013 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Stipend Information for General Participants

Stipend needs by invited participants were requested at the time of attendance confirmation and were confirmed in the travel email sent on July 1. If you have questions regarding your stipend request please contact Vanessa at vlester@nae.edu

Lodging Stipend
Your room during the course of the meeting, except for incidentals, will be direct-billed to our host DuPont. The lodging costs will be direct-billed beginning with check-in on September 18 and check-out on September 21. Please complete the travel form by Tuesday, July 23.

Airfare Stipend
Please book your flights as soon as possible. Note that we will reimburse up to $500 for a round-trip ticket between your home city and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) during the official meeting dates.  After the symposium, you will need to submit a travel expense report with your itinerary as well as proof of payment (For example, payment: MCxxxxxxxxxxxx0000).

NOTE: If your trip will incorporate travel to another city for other business or travel outside the immediate meeting dates, please contact Vanessa at vlester@nae.edu

Travel Expense Report

Only those requesting the airfare stipend need to submit a travel expense report. If you only requested the hotel stipend, your hotel room is direct billed and you do not need to complete an electronic travel expense report (eTER). The report must be submitted within 30 days. FOE Staff will contact you for further detailed instructions once travel has been completed. Please be sure to save a copy of your airline receipt to submit with your eTER.