2013 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Participant Information

We look forward to your participation at the 2013 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, to be held November 21-23, at the Hotel Dolce Chantilly in Chantilly, France. There is a welcome reception/registration on Wednesday evening, November 20, at the hotel that you should plan to attend.  Please see the Program for details.

Meeting Format

The symposium runs from Thursday morning through Saturday lunch. In order to achieve the objectives of the program, we ask that you attend all sessions of the entire symposium. This meeting is unlike other meetings you may attend where it is possible to pick and choose the sessions in which you wish to participate. In addition to showing consideration toward all the speakers, who have worked hard preparing for this meeting, you will reap the maximum benefit from the symposium by participating fully in both the formal sessions and informal events over the course of the 2-½ day meeting.

Posters: In addition to the technical talks given at the symposium, attendees will have the opportunity to present their work in an afternoon poster session on Thursday, November 21. These posters will be displayed throughout the meeting and provide an opportunity for every participant to share information about his/her work. The material presented can be on posters, but could also include—particularly for those from industry—videos, demonstrations of devices, etc. The maximum poster size is 185cm (h) by 94cm (w). See the poster session link at the left for additional information..

Tours: Tour of Paris, Seine River Cruise

Meeting Location

The meeting and lodging will be at the Hotel Dolce Chantilly.

Hotel Dolce Chantilly
Route d'Apremont-Vineuil
St Firmin, Chantilly, 60500, FRA
T: + 33 3 44 58 47 77

U.S. participants should make lodging reservations by completing the online travel form before August 1. If you need to make changes to your hotel reservation after submitting the form, please contact Vanessa immediately. European participants will coordinate lodging reservation with Euro-CASE directly and should not fill out the travel form.

Our host, the National Academies of the Technologies of France (NATF), will pay for US participants' lodging for the meeting dates and will also cover a fourth night at Hotel Novotel, a hotel near the airport, if returning to the US on Saturday is not possible due to the timing of flights.  FOE attendees who plan to bring a spouse/guest, please be aware that additional expenses will occur and they are the responsibility of the attendee. These expenses include the following: 35per night for a double room (includes breakfast). Rooms will be available for check-in at 3pm. Nevertheless, if rooms are available earlier, US participants will be able to check in then. Otherwise, a shower will be available in the Sports Facilities.

For potential spouses or guests the additional costs will be:
Extra cost for a double room (breakfast included): 35€ per night
Dinner: 45€ per spouse/guest
Lunch: 45€ per spouse/guest
The additional hotel expenses will be charged to the FOE participant upon check out.


The Hotel Dolce Chantilly is located about 30 minutes from Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG).

NATF has made arrangements to provide transfers between Charles de Gaulle Airport and Hotel Dolce Chantilly for US attendees arriving on November 20 and departing on November 23 at no cost to the attendee. To coordinate these transfers, please fill out your arrival and departure information completely on the travel form. Because this service is being offered, NAE will not reimburse ground transportation costs in France if the attendee chooses not to take advantage of this travel option, barring extenuating circumstances. Alternatively, you may take a cab at your own expense. Fares are around 52 euro or 64 euro during nights and weekends, not including gratuity.

All US participants whose travel will be paid by NAE must make their airline reservations through Kentlands Travel. This is Academy policy, and we cannot make exceptions. Please see the travel memo for additional information.

Visa Information

All participants with US passports will NOT need a visa to travel to France. However, if you are a citizen of another country, please check with the French Consulate to see if you need a visa to enter France.