2014 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Participant Information

We look forward to your participation at the 2014 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, to be held June 9-11, at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo, Japan. There is a welcome reception/registration at the hotel on Sunday evening, June 8, that you should plan to attend.  Please see the Program for details.

Meeting Format

The symposium runs from Monday morning through Wednesday lunch. In order to achieve the objectives of the program, we ask that you attend all sessions of the entire symposium. This meeting is unlike other meetings you may attend where it is possible to pick and choose the sessions in which you wish to participate. In addition to showing consideration toward all the speakers, who have worked hard preparing for this meeting, you will reap the maximum benefit from the symposium by participating fully in both the formal sessions and informal events over the course of the 2-½ day meeting.

Posters: In addition to the technical talks given at the symposium, attendees will have the opportunity to present their work in an afternoon poster session on Monday, June 9. These posters will be displayed throughout the meeting and provide an opportunity for every participant to share information about his/her work. The material presented can be on posters, but could also include—particularly for those from industry—videos, demonstrations of devices, etc. The maximum poster size is 90 cm (W) x 2 m (L). See the poster session link at the left for additional information.

Tour: There will be a tour of the Centennial Museum at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology in the afternoon of June 10. Two buses will depart from Miraikan to the University and participants will be split into four groups for the tour. Participants will also board the plug-in electric boat "Raicho". Alternatively, there will be a ship maneuvering simulator if it rains. 

Meeting Location

The meeting will be at:

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
2-3-6 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0064
Phone: +81-3-3570-9188

Map of meeting space


A block of hotel rooms has been reserved for all symposium attendees at the Hotel Sunroute Ariake:

Hotel Sunroute Ariake
3-6-6 Ariake, Koutou-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063
Tel: 81-3-5530-3610
Fax: 81-3-5530-3611

Lodging for all attendees, except for incidentals, will be direct-billed to the Engineering Academy of Japan (EAJ) for the following dates: arrival June 8 and departure June 11. If US attendees cannot get a flight home on the last day due to the timing of flights, our host will cover a fourth night, June 11. Additional nights outside the meeting dates and/or extra cost for a spouse or guest are the responsibility of the participant. Hotel rates are determined by the number of persons staying in the room. If you have a guest, you will pay the twin rate for your guest, and our host will cover your portion of the room between June 8-11. If you arrive early without a guest, you will pay a single-room rate for that night. If you arrive early with a guest, you will pay a twin room rate for that night for you and your guest. See rates below. US participants should make lodging reservations by completing the online travel form by April 14. If you need to make changes to your lodging reservation after submitting the form, please contact Vanessa immediately. Japanese participants will coordinate lodging reservation with EAJ directly and should not fill out the travel form.

For single room (FOE attendee arriving early)
June 6:  Yen 10,044
June 7:  Yen 11,124
For twin room (FOE attendee and guest)
June 7: Yen 10,584 /person
June 8: Yen 7,344 /person
June 9: Yen 7,344 /person
June 10: Yen 8,964 /person

The hotel is about 2 km from the meeting location. Bus transportation between the hotel and Miraikan will be provided. It is expected that all attendees will utilize the bus service. However, if you miss the bus, you have the option of walking or taking the train to the meeting location by using the Yurikamome line from Kokusaitenjijo Seimon station (3 minutes from hotel) to Telecom Center station (near Miraikan). Dinner on June 10 is a 2-3 minute walk from the hotel at Kagaya Restaurant (see walking directions below).

Walking Map between the hotel and Miraikan
Tokyo Train Network
Negotiating the Train System
Directions to dinner at Kagaya Restaurant

The Miraikan, in particular on the 7th floor, does not allow the use of WIFI. If anyone would like to use Internet, LAN cable is necessary. Participants, except speakers, are encouraged not to bring their laptops with them to the sessions. There will be WiFi in the hotel rooms for internet use. If an error occurs due to the use of WIFI at the Miraikan without permission, the participant has to take responsibility.


The destination airports are either Narita International Airport (NRT), which is 60-80 minutes by airport limo bus from the hotel or Haneda Airport (HND), which is about 40 minutes by airport limo bus from the hotel. In general, US attendees will need to depart on Saturday, June 7, arriving in Tokyo in the afternoon on Sunday, June 8. Please note flights into Haneda Airport will not arrive in time for the evening reception and are more expensive; therefore, we prefer you fly into Narita International Airport. Upon arrival, participants can take a limousine bus service to the hotel from Narita Airport or from Haneda Airport. Tickets can be purchased at the limousine bus ticket counter at the airport. For timetables and other information, see the links below.

Limo Bus Service Schedule
Yen 2,800.-  60-80 min. 

Limo Bus Service Schedule
Yen 620.-  35-45 min.

For returns to Narita International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, the timing of the airport limo bus departures from the hotel makes it impossible to stay for the full meeting and still arrive at the airport three hours before your flight time. Public transportation options are offered at the link below. Those departing on Thursday from the hotel can take the airport limousine bus and should make reservations at least one day prior at the hotel front desk (See limo bus service schedule for departure times).

Public Transportation Options to Narita on June 11

All US participants whose travel will be paid by NAE must make their airline reservations through Kentlands Travel. This is Academy policy, and we cannot make exceptions. Please see the email travel memo sent on February 26 or links to the left for additional information.

Visa Information

Participants who hold a US passport do not need a visa to stay up to 90 days in Japan for business or tourist travel. Travelers must be in possession of a passport valid for 6 months beyond the stay and a round-trip airline ticket. If you do not hold a US passport, check here to see if you need a visa to enter Japan: Embassy of Japan.