2017 German-American Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

What to Expect

What to Expect at a Frontiers Symposium

The purpose of the Frontiers of Engineering symposium is to create useful interactions across disciplines among outstanding early-career engineers. Here are some helpful hints to ensure you get the most out of the symposium.

  • Review the papers and session abstracts beforehand. Talks may be outside your field so having background knowledge will help you get the most out of a talk.
  • Check out the participant list. Past attendees have enjoyed playing Bingo with the list - checking each attendee off after they meet. Bring an ample supply of business cards.
  • Leave your laptop at the hotel during the symposium. If you are working during the breaks, you miss opportunities to develop new contacts. If you are working during the session, you not only miss a great talk and ideas from interesting fellow engineers but you also distract the speaker and other attendees.
  • Participate fully in the poster or breakout sessions.
  • Don’t miss a session. Though tempting to skip out on a session outside your field, you never know what you may learn that will be applicable to your own research.
  • Attend the evening events. The reception and dinners provide informal time to meet attendees and continue conversations started earlier, plus the food is good.
  • And to help you pack, dress is business casual. You can leave your suits at home. 

Participation in Frontiers of Engineering programs are by invitation only. Please be aware that guests are not included at meals or events.