How many Frontiers of Engineering symposia are there?

posted on 03/09/2011


There are six Frontiers of Engineering symposia.

US FOE. Held annually since 1995.
German-American FOE. Inaugurated in 1998, and held biennially. Partner is the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. 
Japan-America FOE. Inaugurated in 2000, and held biennially. Partner is the Engineering Academy of Japan.
Indo-American FOE. Inaugurated in 2006, and held biennially. Partner is the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum.
China-America FOE. Inaugurated in 2009, and held biennially. Partner is the Chinese Academy of Engineering
EU-US FOE. Inaugurated in 2010, and held twice every three years. Partner is the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering.