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  • Mini Quadruped Leverages Curved-Crease Origami
    Mini Quadruped Leverages Curved-Crease Origami
    Thu, December 07, 2023
    UPenn’s Cynthia Sung (USFOE 2019) is engineering centimeter-scale walking and crawling robots at low fabrication costs that can self-fold, unfold, crawl and steer, all using a single motor, enabling controlled, reversible, and complex motions to explore tight or cluttered environments.
  • Computational Medicine
    Computational Medicine
    Mon, December 04, 2023
    FOE alum Amanda Randles at Duke is engineering supercomputer models of how blood flows through arteries at the cellular and particulate levels to simulate how an individual’s specific cardiovascular architecture will likely respond to surgical procedures such as a bypass graft or stent placement.
  • Hyperdimensional Computing
    Hyperdimensional Computing
    Thu, November 30, 2023
    FOE alum Roman Caudillo at Intel discusses the engineering of a novel machine-learning paradigm inspired by theoretical neuroscience and how humans and other animals use their senses to gather information.
  • Better Prosthetics
    Better Prosthetics
    Mon, November 27, 2023
    FOE alum He (Helen) Huang at NC State and UNC at Chapel Hill has engineered robotic prosthetic ankles that are controlled by nerve impulses and allow amputees to move more ‘naturally’, improving overall stability.
  • Wearable That Monitors Estrogen in Sweat
    Wearable That Monitors Estrogen in Sweat
    Mon, November 20, 2023
    Caltech's Wei Gao (USFOE 2021) has engineered a wearable sensor that may one day make it easier for women to monitor their estradiol levels at home and in real time, showing indicators for women's health and fertility.
  • I Can Read Your Mind
    I Can Read Your Mind
    Thu, November 16, 2023
    Gert Cauwenberghs (USFOE 2000), Sheng Xu (USFOE 2019), and Patrick Mercier (CAFOE 2019) at the University of California San Diego are engineering screen-printed, flexible sensors that allow earbuds to record brain activity and exercise levels.
  • New Material That Curves Light
    New Material That Curves Light
    Mon, November 13, 2023
    Mikhail Kats (USFOE 2020) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has engineered a unique, record-setting material that can bend one infrared ray of light in two directions, which could lead to innovations in night vision, Lidar, chemical sensing, microscopy, and other applications.
  • Tiny Technology, Far-reaching Frontiers
    Tiny Technology, Far-reaching Frontiers
    Thu, November 09, 2023
    At Purdue, David Cappelleri (GAFOE 2015) is using a 3D printer to engineer mobile microrobots that can go into the body and perform precise operations such as drug delivery, cell manipulation, and object characterization.
  • National Recognition for Alumni
    National Recognition for Alumni
    Mon, November 06, 2023
    Subra Suresh recently received the National Medal of Science, and Juan Gilbert, James Fujimoto, and Eric Swanson were awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for their work that inspires the next generation of American minds in science and technology.
  • Holistic Approach to Indoor Air Quality
    Holistic Approach to Indoor Air Quality
    Thu, November 02, 2023
    John Zhai (USFOE 2011) at the University of Colorado Boulder is researching the impact on respiratory health of indoor air quality, with a focus on affordable housing, a sector which often encounters more IAQ challenges due to lower budgets, poor design, and inexpensive building materials.
  • New Bacteria to Eat Ocean Plastic
    New Bacteria to Eat Ocean Plastic
    Mon, October 30, 2023
    FOE alum Nathan Crook at NC State has engineered a fast-growing, plastic-eating organism that is especially good at breaking down plastic that's used in all sorts of household products including soda bottles and clothing and is a major contributor to microplastic pollution.
  • Detecting Breast Cancer Earlier
    Detecting Breast Cancer Earlier
    Thu, October 26, 2023
    Canan Dagdeviren (USFOE 2019) at MIT Media Lab has engineered a wearable ultrasound device that could allow earlier tumor detection, which is valuable for patients at high risk of developing breast cancer between routine mammograms and could improve the survival rate for breast cancer patients.
  • Inverse Vaccine for Autoimmune Disease
    Inverse Vaccine for Autoimmune Disease
    Thu, October 19, 2023
    NAE member Jeffrey Hubbell (USFOE 1995) at the University of Chicago is engineering a new type of vaccine that can completely reverse autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes — all without shutting down the rest of the immune system.
  • Six FOE Alumni Elected to NAM
    Six FOE Alumni Elected to NAM
    Thu, October 12, 2023
    Six FOE alumni were elected to the National Academy of Medicine in October. Election to NAM is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine.
  • Better Batteries
    Better Batteries
    Mon, October 09, 2023
    FOE alum Matthew McDowell at Georgia Tech is engineering batteries from aluminum materials which have higher energy density and greater stability and show promising performance for safer, cheaper, more powerful batteries.
  • New Wearable for Navigation
    New Wearable for Navigation
    Thu, October 05, 2023
    Marcia O'Malley (USFOE 2005) at Rice University has engineered a fabric-based wearable device that "taps" a user's wrist with pressurized air, silently helping them navigate to their destination, which could benefit amputees, the hearing-impaired, and surgeons, pilots, soldiers, and others.
  • Autonomous Off-road Vehicle for Natural Disaster Relief
    Autonomous Off-road Vehicle for Natural Disaster Relief
    Mon, October 02, 2023
    A group overseen by Chris Paredis (GAFOE 2006) at Clemson University has engineered an off-road reconnaissance and relief vehicle that can navigate all on its own to expedite the delivery of supplies and to gather real-time data for emergency responders.
  • AI That Learns from Physics Laws and Thought Experiments
    AI That Learns from Physics Laws and Thought Experiments
    Thu, September 28, 2023
    FOE alum Aydogan Ozcan at UCLA has engineered an AI model that can reconstruct microscopic images using only random artificial holograms -- synthesized solely from 'imagination' without relying on any real-world experiments, actual sample resemblances, or real data.