2017 China-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

The 2017 China-America Frontiers of Engineering symposium will be held at Tongji University in Shanghai, China. Sixty of the most promising engineers under the age of 45 from China and the United States will meet for an intensive 2-1/2 day symposium on developments at the cutting edge of engineering technology in four areas: Synthetic Biology, Energy Storage, Engineering Robots for Human Interaction, and Intelligent Transportation. The event is intended to facilitate international and cross-disciplinary research collaboration, promote the transfer of new techniques and approaches across disparate engineering fields, and encourage the creation of a transpacific network of world-class engineers. CAFOE is carried out in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

(Order of sessions and speakers TBD.)

Symposium Co-chairs: Gang Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Zhihua Zhong, Tongji University

Session co-chairs:  Alexander Bayen, University of California, Berkeley, and Diange Yang, Tsinghua University

From Mobile Sensing to Mobile Control of Vehicular Traffic
Daniel Work, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dynamic Pricing and Matching in Ride-Sharing
Dawn Woodard, Uber

Parallel Learning Theory and Its Applications on Automated Vehicles
Li Li, Tsinghua University

Development of Electricity Supply Infrastructures for Large-scale Adoption of Electric Vehicles: Challenges and Opportunities
Chi Xie, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Session co-chairs:  Candace Chan, Arizona State University, and Xiangjun Li, China Electric Power Research Institute

Nanoscience for Energy Storage—Success and Future Opportunities
Yi Cui, Stanford University

Advances of Lithium-ion Battery Technology in the 21st Century
Yangxing Li, Huawei

Thermal-electrochemical Coupling Testing and Evaluation of Traction Batteries
Fang Wang, China Automotive Technology and Research Center

Life-cycles of Lithium-ion Batteries: Understanding Impacts from Extraction to End-of-life
Gabrielle Gaustad, Rochester Institute of Technology

Session co-chairs:  Bing-Zhi Li, Tianjin University, and Warren Ruder, University of Pittsburgh

Programming Bacteria in Time and Space
Lingchong You, Duke University

Engineering Biological Computers
Timothy Lu, Massachusettes Institute of Technology

Engineering Electron Transfer Pathways of Exoelectrogens: Synthetic Biology Meets Energy and Environments
Hao Song, Tianjin University

Programmable Synthetic Gene Circuit as a Potential Therapeutic Intervention for Liver Cancer
Zhen Xie, Tsinghua University

Session co-chairs:  Waleed Farahat, Rethink Robotics, and Dangxiao Wang, Beihang University

Enabling Technologies to Rethink Factory Automation
Ross Knepper, Cornell University

Prosthetic Devices that Augment and Restore Basic Functions
Timothy Bretl, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Working Progress of the Shepherd Mission of the International Aerial Robotics Competition
Chao Xu, Zhejiang University

Control and Implementation of Highly Maneuverable Motions for Bioinspired Robotic Fish
Junzhi Yu, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

June 22, 2017 – June 24, 2017
Shanghai, China