2013 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

The 2013 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering was held November 21-23, 2013, at Hotel Dolce Chantilly in Chantilly, France. About 60 outstanding engineers under the age of 45 met for an intensive 2-1/2 day symposium to discuss cutting-edge developments in four areas: Nanosensors, Big Data, the Future of Transportation, and Wireless Broadband. The event facilitated international and cross-disciplinary research collaboration, promoted the transfer of new techniques and approaches across disparate engineering fields, and encouraged the creation of a transatlantic network of world-class engineers. This symposium was hosted in partnership with the European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering and the National Academy of Technologies of France.

The National Academy of Engineering would like to express its gratitude to our meeting sponsors for their support of the 2013 EU-US FOE Symposium: The Grainger Foundation, U.S. National Science Foundation, and the National Academy of Technologies of France.

List of Sessions

Symposium co-chairs: Yves Caseau, Bouygues Telecom, and Sergio Verdu, Princeton University

Session co-chairs:  Paola Goatin, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, and Kevin Krizek, University of Colorado, Boulder

Session co-chairs

Why Traffic Management Works...And Why Coordinated Traffic Management will Work Even Better
Serge Hoogendoorn, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands

Nash-Stackelberg Games in Transportation Networks: Leveraging the Power of Smartphones for Traffic Monitoring and Management
Alexandre Bayen, University of California, Berkeley

Traffic Information and Control
Sven Van Segbroeck, FLOW, Belgium

Impacts of the Sharing Economy in Transportation
Kari Edison Watkins, Georgia Institute of Technology

Session co-chairs: Ian Kinloch, University of Manchester, and Angela Violi, University of Michigan

Session co-chairs

Nanofluidics and 2D Materials-Based Nanosensors
Ivan Vlassiouk, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Development of Microfuluidic Devices for High-Throughput Biological and Chemical Analysis
Andrew de Mello, ETH Zurich

Single Molecule Detection Systems in Clinical Diagnostics and Drug Screening
Fredrik Höök, Chalmers University

Population-Based Comprehensive Health Monitoring For Combating Infectious Disease and Bioterror Threats
Conrad James, Sandia National Laboratories

Big Data
Session co-chairs: Donald Kossmann, ETH Zurich, and Sergei Vassilvitskii, Google

Session co-chairs

Possible Infrastructures and Interfaces for Data Science
Jeff Hammerbacher, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and Cloudera.

Machine Learning from Big Data: An Industry Perspective
Thomas Hofmann, Google Zurich Research Lab

Four Degrees of Separation
Paolo Boldi, University of Milano, Italy

“I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that”: Linguistics, Statistics, and Natural Language Processing in the Big Data Era
Lillian Lee, Cornell University

Session co-chairs:  Angel Lozano, University Pompeu Fabra, and David Tse, University of California, Berkeley

Session co-chairs

1000x Wireless Data Capacity Increase by Small Cell Densification
Mehmet Yavuz, Qualcomm

Industrial Perspective on Perception of Physical Layer Stagnation and New Research Avenues
Stephan Ten Brink, University of Stuttgart

Handling Interference Using Distributed Cooperation
David Gesbert, EURECOM France

Radio Spectrum Management and Regulation
Anant Sahai, University of California, Berkeley


November 21, 2013 – November 23, 2013
Chantilly, France