1998 German-American Frontiers of Engineering Symposium


Robert A. Brown, Provost, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wolfram Boeck, Chair in Electrical Power and Systems Technology, Technical University, Munich

1998 German-American Frontiers of Engineering List of Participants


Automation and Control
Organizers: Kim Lau, Jan Lunze

Trends and Visions in Robot Applications and Development
Heinz Wörn, University of Karlsruhe

Automation in the Automobile: A Contradiction to Fun to Drive?
Henning Wallentowitz, University of Technology, Aachen

Grand Challenges of Sensors and Control in Next-Generation Manufacturing
Jay Lee, United Technologies

Advanced Robotics for Planetary Surface Operations
Eric Baumgartner, Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Communications Technology
Organizers: Robert Calderbank, Joachim Hagenauer

Wireless Sensor Networks
Gregory Pottie, University of California, Los Angeles

Wireless Data Services
Nambirajan Seshadri, AT&T Laboratories

Technology Aspects of Future Mobile Communications
Wolfgang Koch, Ericsson Eurolab

The Development of a Modern Telecommunications Infrastructure in Eastern Germany
Werner Adloff, Deutsche Telekom AG

Design Methodology
Organizers: Christina Bloebaum, Bernd Kröplin

On ‘Automatic’ Design Evaluation
Stephan Rudolph, University of Stuttgart

Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Structures
Rosemarie Wagner, Fachhochschule München

Enabling Creativity in the Theory of Design
Prabhat Hajela, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

A Culture of Creativity
Christine Kurjan, IDEO Product Development

Soft Materials
Organizers: Hans Adler, Matthew Tirrell

High Efficiency Light-Emitting Devices Based on Poly (para-phenylene) Ladder Structures
Ullrich Scherf, Max Planck Institute

Soft Coatings
Kyle Vanderlick, Princeton University

Polymers with Switchable Properties
Dieter Urban, BASF AG

Advanced 3-D Nanoscopic Materials for the Next Generation of Computers
Craig Hawker, IBM Almaden Research Center


May 14, 1998 – May 16, 1998
Schloss Eckberg
Dresden, Germany