2013 German-American Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

The 2013 German-American Frontiers of Engineering symposium was held April 26-28, 2013, in Irvine, California.

GAFOE aimed to bring together outstanding, early-career German and American engineers from industry, universities, and other research institutions to introduce their areas of engineering research and technical work, thereby facilitating an interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge and methodology that could eventually lead to collaborative networks of engineers from the two countries. About 60 outstanding engineers under the age of 45 met for an intensive 2-1/2 day symposium to discuss cutting-edge developments in four areas: Materiomics, Biomass Conversion, Additive Manufacturing, and Transport in Complex Systems.

Links to presentation slides are in the List of Sessions below, and links to the papers are in the Program.

The National Academy of Engineering would like to express its gratitude to The Grainger Foundation, the U.S. National Science Foundation, and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for their support of the 2013 GAFOE Symposium.   


Symposium co-chairs:  Cynthia Barnhart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Peter Moser, RWE Power AG

Session co-chairs: Dietmar Drummer, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen, and Christopher Williams, Virginia Tech

Session co-chairs

Additive Technologies Focusing on Industrial Applications for Metal and Plastic Parts
Frank Woellecke, BMW

Additive Manufacturing: An Exposé on the Diversity of Industrial Use
Tim Shinbara, Association of Manufacturing Technology

Understanding Process Requirements for Additive Manufacturing on the Example of a Beam-Based Process for Plastic Powders
Thomas Rechtenwald, Sintermask GmbH

Design for Additive Manufacturing
Carolyn Seepersad, University of Texas at Austin

Session co-chairs:  Dirk Brockmann, Northwestern University, and Ludger Santen, Saarland University

Session co-chairs

A Multi-Scale Multi-Cultural Study of Commuting and its Applications for Characterizing Road Usage Patterns
Marta Gonzalez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Collective Motion: From Active Matter to Swarms in Natural and Engineered Systems
Cristian Huepe, CHuepe Labs

Bioimaging across Scales with Light-sheet Microscope
Lars Hufnagel, European Molecular Biology Lab

Intracellular Transport
Stefan Klumpp, Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces

Session co-chairs:  Harald Klein, Technical University Munich, and Nitin Kolhapure, DuPont

Session co-chairs

Novel Biorefinery Concepts for a Biobased Economy
Jochen Schmid, TUM Straubing

Catalytic Processes for the Production of Renewable Fuels and Chemicals from Cellulosic Biomass
George Huber, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Production and Utilization of Green Hydrogen
Mathias Mostertz, Linde Group

LCA, Environmental and Sustainability Aspects of Emerging Biomass Conversion Technologies
Sabrina Spatari, Drexel University

Session co-chairs:  Thomas Scheibel, University Bayreuth, and Joyce Wong, Boston University

Session co-chairs

Overview of Materiomics and Impact on Biological and Non-Biological Systems
Markus Buehler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bridging the Gap between Self-assembly and Hybrid Materials: From Particle Dispersions to Rational Arrangements
Tobias Kraus, Leibniz-Institute for New Materials (INM), Saarbruecken

Innovative Biomimetic Materials Inspired by Plants
Robin Seidel, University of Freiburg

Ligand-directed Therapy and Molecular Imaging Based on in vivo Phage Display Technology
Renata Pasqualini, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


April 26, 2013 – April 28, 2013
Irvine, California
2013 GAFOE Group Photo 2013 GAFOE Group Photo resized