2019 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium


The 2019 US Frontiers of Engineering will be hosted by Boeing in North Charleston, South Carolina, September 25-27. About 100 outstanding early career engineers will meet for an intensive 2-1/2 day symposium to discuss cutting-edge developments in four areas. The goal of the Frontiers of Engineering program is to bring together engineers from all engineering disciplines and from industry, universities, and federal labs to facilitate cross-disciplinary exchange and promote the transfer of new techniques and approaches across fields in order to sustain and build US innovative capacity. 

Chair:  Jennifer West, Duke University

Click here for the preliminary program. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

(Order of sessions TBD. Working titles listed.)

Chair:  Jennifer West, Duke University

Advanced Manufacturing in the Age of Digital Transformation
Session Co-chairs: James Aske, Boeing, and Tarik Dickens, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

21st Century Engineering Systems: Boeing's Digital Transformation
Gabriel Burnett, Boeing

Robots that Walk: What the Challenge of Locomotion Says about Next-generation Manufacturing
Christian Hubicki, Florida State University

Computational Materials for the Design and Qualification of Additively Manufacturing Components
Christopher Lang, NASA Langley

Digital Twin
Pamela Kobryn, Air Force Research Laboratory

Engineering the Genome
Session Co-chairs: Renee Wegrzyn, DARPA, and Charles Gersbach, Duke University

Genome Editing Tools as Human Therapeutics
Kris Saha, University of Wisconsin

Microbes & Manufacturing: Moore's Law Meets Biology
Patrick Boyle, Ginkgo Bioworks

Using CRISPR to Combat Human Disease Vectors
Omar Akbari, University of California, San Diego

Empowering Genome Editing Through Standards
Samantha Maragh, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Self-Driving Cars: Technology and Ethics
Session Co-chairs:  Christoffer Heckman, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Hae Jong Seo, Nvidia

Apollo: Open Autonomous Driving Platform
TaeEun Choe, Baidu

Autonomous Vehicles: A Startup Perspective
JianXiong Xiao, AutoX Inc.

Why Everone Has It Wrong about the Ethics of Autonmous Vehicles
John Basi, Northeastern University

Interactive Autonomy: Learning and Control for Human-Robot Systems
Dorsa Sadigh, Stanford University

Blockchain Technology
Session Co-chairs:  Petr Novotny, IBM, and Elaine Shi, Cornell University

Blockchains—An Introduction
Elaine Shi, Cornell University 

Private Chain
Hong Wan, North Carolina State University

Economics and Blockchain
Jacob Leshno, University of Chicago

June 18, 2019 AT 06:55 AM
North Charleston, South Carolina