2000 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Chair: Michael L. Corradini, University of Wisconsin

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The National Academy of Engineering would like to express its gratitude to a number of meeting sponsors for their support of the 2003 USFOE Symposium.



Systems Engineering
Organizers: Brenda Bohlke, Richard Ratliff, Patrick Shanahan

Systems Engineering Challenges of the International Space Station
Mark Jenks, Boeing

Battlefield Management
Mark W. Maier, The Aerospace Corp.

Software Development at Microsoft
Marvin Theimer, Microsoft Research

Visual Simulation and Analysis
Organizers: Carla Brodley, Patrick Hanrahan

Physically-based Animation
David Baraff, PIXAR Animation Studios

Data Mining and Visualization
Ronny Kohavi, Blue Martini

Digital Geometry Processing
Peter Schröder, California Institute of Technology


Engineering Opportunites and Challenges in the Post-Genomics Era
Organizers: Peter Cummings, Deirdre Meldrum, John Yin

The Human Genome Project: Elucidating Our Genetic Blueprint
Eric Green, National Institutes of Health

Current Genomics Research
Lynne Regan, Yale University

Bioengineering for the Science and Technology of Biological Systems
Douglas Lauffenberger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Genomics and Ethics
Pilar Ossorio, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Nanoscale Science and Technology
Organizers: Chang-Beom Eom, Ganesh Skandan

From Clusters to Automobiles: Processing and Applications of Granular Nanomaterials
Horst Hahn, Darmstadt University of Technology

Science and Technology of Nanotube-based Materials
Otto Zhou, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Nanoscale Materials: Synthesis, Analysis, and Applications
Rudolf Tromp, IBM


Dinner Speech

Bits Versus Atoms—The Future of Information Technology
Robert Lucky, Corporate Vice President, Applied Research, Telcordia Technologies, Inc.


September 14, 2000 – September 16, 2000
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center
Irvine, California