2002 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Chair: Michael L. Corradini, University of Wisconsin

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The National Academy of Engineering would like to express its gratitude to a number of meeting sponsors for their support of the 2003 USFOE Symposium.



Chemical and Molecular Engineering in the 21st Century
Organizers: Pablo Debenedetti, Brigette Rosendall

Fuel Cells That Run on Common Fuels
John M. Vohs, University of Pennsylvania

Dimension-Dependent Properties of Macromolecules in Nanoscopic Structures
Juan J. de Pablo, University of Wisconsin - Madison

The Role of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Process Industries
David Lee Davidson, Solutia, Inc.


Technology for Human Beings
Organizers: Ann Bisantz, Rick Kjeldsen

The Human Factor
Kim J. Vicente, University of Toronto

Human Factors Applications in Surface Transportation
Thomas A. Dingus, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (talk given by Vicki Neale)

Implications of Human Factors Engineering for Novel Software User-Interface Design
Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft

Frontiers of Human-Computer Interaction: Direct-Brain Interfaces
Melody M. Moore, Georgia State University


The Future of Nuclear Engineering
Organizers: Kathryn McCarthy, Per Peterson

Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technologies
John F. Kotek, Argonne National Laboratory-West

Licensing and Building New Nuclear Infrastructure
Peter S. Hastings, Duke Energy

Sustainable Energy from Nuclear Fission Power
Marvin L. Adams, Texas A&M University

Stretching the Boundaries of Nuclear Technology
James P. Blanchard, University of Wisconsin - Madison


Engineering Challenges for Quantum Information Technology
Organizers: Ike Chuang, Hideo Mabuchi

Quantum Cryptography
Steven J. van Enk, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

Ion-Trap Quantum Computation
Dietrich Leibfried, National Institutes of Standards and Technology

Scalable Quantum Computing Using Solid-State Devices
Bruce Kane, University of Maryland


Dinner Speech

The Science, Technology, and Business of Digital Communication
Andrew J. Viterbi, President, Viterbi Group, LLC


September 19, 2002 – September 21, 2002
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center
Irvine, California