2006 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

The twelfth annual US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium was held in September, 2006, in Dearborn, Michigan.  Chaired by Julia M. Phillips of Sandia National Laboratories, the meeting included sessions on Intelligent software systems and machines, Nano/bio interfaces, Engineering personal mobility for the 21st century, and supply chain management.

US Frontiers of Engineering is an annual meeting that brings together 100 of the nation's outstanding young engineers (ages 30-45) from industry, academia, and government to discuss pioneering technical and leading-edge research in various engineering fields and industry sectors. Participation is by invitation following a competitive nomination and selection process.

The National Academy of Engineering would like to express its gratitude to a number of meeting sponsors for their support of the 2006 USFOE Symposium.

September 21, 2006 – September 23, 2006
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, Michigan