Keeping in Touch

We are very glad to have you as a participant at the Frontiers of Engineering meeting, and we hope you find this an enriching and rewarding experience. 

One of the goals of this meeting is network-building, and to that end, not only would we at the National Academy of Engineering like to keep in touch with you, but we would like you to keep in touch with each other. To that end, there are several mechanisms in place.

FOE website. The Frontiers of Engineering website at includes, among other things, a place for you to post news for other FOE alums and a directory of Frontiers participants. To access the portion of the website that is open only to FOE alums, log in at “FOE Community.” You can post news items, manage your account, and search the FOE alumni database. To update your database record, click on the green login button in the upper left-hand corner of this website. Your FOE username is your firstname(dot)lastname. If you have forgotten your FOE password or find that your password no longer works, click on “Forgot Password,” and it will be emailed to you. After you login, you’ll see “Welcome (your first name)” and “Edit Profile” at the top of the page. Click on “Edit Profile” to update your contact information, research interests, etc.

The Grainger Foundation Frontiers of Engineering Grants. These grants provide funding for US FOE participants who are at U.S.-based institutions to enable further pursuit of important new interdisciplinary research and projects stimulated by the US FOE symposia.  

FOE books. Books containing the papers from each year’s meeting are published the following February and mailed to all FOE alums. 

The Bridge. FOE alums are given a subscription to NAE’s quarterly publication, The Bridge.

Involvement in other activities of The National Academies.   The pool of Frontiers of Engineering alums is a resource for study committees of the National Research Council and other activities of The National Academies such as NAE workshops and study committees, the Keck Futures Initiative, and the international Frontiers programs.