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  • Andrew Adamczyk
    Senior Principal Research Engineer
    Air Products and Chemicals
    Tempe, AZ, United States
  • Gagan Aggarwal
    Senior Staff Research Scientist
    Google Inc
    Mountain View, CA, United States
  • Naoko Akiya
    Platform Leader
    Dow Chemical Company
    Freeport, TX, United States
  • Kevin Alexander
    Vice President
    Hazen and Sawyer
    San Diego, CA, United States
  • Saleema Amershi
    Microsoft Research
    Redmond, WA, United States
  • Ines Azevedo
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Pittsburgh, PA, United States
  • Rajan Bhattacharyya
    Senior Research Engineer
    HRL Laboratories
    Malibu, CA, United States
  • Lars Blackmore
    Principal Rocket Landing Engineer
    Space Exploration Technologies
    Hawthorne, CA, United States
  • Robert Braun
    University of Colorado
    Boulder, CO, United States
  • Heidi Buck
    Director, Battlespace Exploitation of Mixed Reality Lab (BEMR LAB)
    Space and Naval Space Warfare Systems Center
    San Diego, CA, United States
  • Qing Cao
    Research Staff Member
    IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
    Yorktown Heights, NY, United States
  • Rebecca Carrier
    Associate Professor
    Northeastern University
    Boston, MA, United States
  • Julie Champion
    Associate Professor
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Atlanta, GA, United States
  • Ranveer Chandra
    Principal Researcher
    Microsoft Corporation
    Redmond, WA, United States
  • Amy Childress
    University of Southern California
    Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • Ian Clark
    Systems Engineer
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Pasadena, CA, United States
  • Jennifer Cochran
    Associate Professor
    Stanford University
    Stanford, CA, United States
  • Anne Dailly
    Staff Researcher
    General Motors
    Warren, MI, United States
  • Seth Darling
    Scientist and co-lead for Argonne's Water Initiative
    Argonne National Laboratory
    Argonne, IL, United States
  • Neil Dasgupta
    Assistant Professor
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, MI, United States
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