Frontiers of Engineering Alumni Spotlight

The Frontiers of Engineering program brings together through 2-1/2 day meetings a select group of emerging engineering leaders from industry, academe, and government labs to discuss pioneering technical work and leading edge research in various engineering fields and industry sectors. The goal of the meetings is to introduce these outstanding early career engineers to each other, and through this interaction facilitate collaboration in engineering, the transfer of new techniques and approaches across fields, and establishment of contacts among the next generation of engineering leaders.

Meet our FOE Alumni Spotlight members!

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    • John Zhai
      Z. John Zhai
      Professor of Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
      University of Colorado Boulder
    • Pablo Zavattieri
      Pablo Zavattieri
      Associate Professor, Lyles School of Civil Engineering
      Purdue University
    • Elizabeth Wayman
      Elizabeth Wayman
      Director, Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative
      U.S. Department of Energy
    • Mitchell Walker
      Mitchell Walker
      Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering
      Geogia Institute of Technology
    • Brandon Vogel
      Brandon Vogel
      Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
      Bucknell University
    • Megan Valentine
      Megan Valentine
      Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
      University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Iris Tien
      Iris Tien
      Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
      Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Leia Stirling
      Leia Stirling
      Assistant Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Lauren Stadler
      Lauren Stadler
      Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
      Rice University
    • Sibendu Som
      Sibendu Som
      Manager, Computational Multi-physics
      Argonne National Laboratory
    • Eduardo Silva
      Eduardo Silva
      Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
      University of California, Davis